What is cyberdrama?

Cyberdrama is ... "a reinvention of storytelling itself for the new digital medium"Murray, J (1997) Hamlet on the Holodeck

"Cyberspace holds potential to provide new pathways for imagining, creating, and sharing human experiences" LeNoir, N (1999) in Theatre in Cyberspace


'Interactive drama', 'cybersoap', 'webisodic', 'digital drama' - exciting new forms of drama that are being created on-line. This site has been used as a portal for a number of projects with participants involved in creating drama which may be presented in both live and digital spaces. Some of the work fits within the concept of 'cyberdrama', other work is more about using digital media for creative purposes. Most of these projects have been conducted within educational contexts for projects facilitated by Sue Davis for Masters & PhD work and other projects since.  You are welcome to use the material on this site for educational non-commercial purposes.  Please acknowledge me in any publication or presentation of work. If you wish to enquire about any materials on this site, please use the contact page to email me.

In the meantime have a look around the site, explore some links, consider the possibilities...

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