Creative Blog

The humble blog can be used in many ways to inform and enact the creative process.  I set up a blog entitled neomemoriatechica (playing with the idea of using the new technologies of memory).  The first project I explored was where I blogged within role, exploring the story of Eliza Fraser.  This was entitled Figments of Eliza.  The blog posts later formed the basis for a one woman show that I wrote, which was performed by Mary Eggleston as part of the NeoGeoGraphy project in 2010 (see this page for more info and links to other material).

The second project is currently a research project, with a working title of By George. For this I have been researching the life of Queensland playwright George Landen Dann, a prolific playwright who was one of the first non-Indigenous Australians to write about Aboriginal issues, with his first major work 'In Beauty It is Finished' in 1931 and two other major works after that. I was initially interested in finding out more about this work and by discovering that he lived the last 20 years of his life on the Sunshine Coast.

I quite like using Wordpress as it has a range of good templates, and means for tracking stats etc, but other blogging platforms can be equally useful.

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