Info for teachers

Materials you can use as pre-texts for the drama

  • If you wish to use these materials to begin your drama there are a number of ways you can do this.
  • You can use a series of emails to initiate each frame of the action.  Sample emails have been created that you could use.
  • You probably need to set up a space where you can interact in role and present the material that you and your students create.  There are many free web 2.0 tools available now that can be very effective e.g. .  Please note that most of these spaces are blocked from school networks.  You can get students to post to them from home if you are willing to moderate out of school hours.  If you don't know much about wikis have a look at this video on 'Youtube' Wikis in Plain English .
  • Here is some material that might be of use for those who wish to explore the use of wikis, wiki netiquette, sample teacher Guidelines for a project.
  • Schools who have access to the Learning Place could set up a Blackboard space for their drama, this version of Blackboard now has wiki and blog tool options. 

Frame 1

Frame 2

Frame 3

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