Rolling Role

The Water Reckoning  Rolling Role project has involved students from five sites from Australia, Greece, Singapore, and the USA in a shared creative project that has drawn on Dorothy Heathcote’s philosophy and strategies. With this being the UN Year of Water Cooperation the drama has explored how humans cooperate to share and manage water resources and deal with situations such as drought and extreme weather events. 

The concept of Rolling Role is to involve different groups or classes in building a community that then faces some kind of change. The initiators create a common context and agree to the key features, affairs and concerns of the community. The students/children are then involved in building the community, the lives, events and artefacts of it and add to developments.  Work is often left incomplete so another group can take it forward and continue the drama. Heathcote suggested this work lends it self to sharing through something like a website. 

See the project website for more information and pre-text materials. The main site for sharing content throughout the project was PlaceStories, with several projects created.  Click on thumbnails below to view different content from The Water Reckoning 'Water Museum' for the lost civilization of 'Ardus Unda'. 


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