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The story so far

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I last saw Cleo on Monday at lectures. She seemed pretty distracted, but she didn't say what was bothering her. the last I saw of her was as she walked away from me to get picked up. I think she was going out somewhere that night, but I'm not sure where. I'm hoping someone saw her and can help me find out what happened to her.  If you got my email it must be because I found your email address on her computer, so you must know her in some way.


Investigations 2 date

I've been doing a bit of investigating of my own in the last couple of days.  I'll attach some of the material I've collected so far.  See what you can make of it all.

She left a message on my phone, unfortunately I didn't get it till the next day. 

I found this phone message on the machine at cleo & jules place.  so what was she trying to find out????

I also interviewed a couple of people.  This first interview is with her brother Julius.  The second is a friend of ours, Seb

Here's some basic profiles on Cleo and some of the key people who I think saw her last, Julius, her (on again off again) boyfriend Ben and his friend Seb.


How you can help

It would be really good if you could fill in a bit of a profile about yourself (save it for now) so I know who you are and how you might be able to help.   It would also be great if you could post some info about yourself on my wiki and perhaps some info about when you last saw Cleo.  Look forward to hearing from you


Ivy xx


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