cleo missing

cleo_sm.jpg  Cleo missing  (Teacher's info)

Hi, my name's Ivy. I started this website because I want to find out what happened to Cleo. She’s a friend of mine. She went missing last week, and no-one much seems to care. The police just think she’s some crazy uni student on drugs who’s just dropped out for a while. Oh, they were nice enough, and took all the details and stuff, but I haven’t seen too much action yet fellas? Start asking some questions, cos if you don’t, I sure will.


Frame 1 - pre-text material - this takes you to a new page which has a range of material I've started to collect to help work out what happened to Cleo.  


How you can help

If you wish to help find Cleo (and participate in the drama go to the wiki link below - it is a member only wiki, so if you haven't been invited to join, use the contact page of this website to send an email with your details)

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