iPad App use

iPads and other tablets have helped make it really easy to bring digital technology into any drama process.  Various Apps and tools can be used to help create drama, record it, perform it and share it. Here are some workshop notes from a session I ran at the Drama Australia conference in 2012. It includes a list of creative Apps towards the end.

Below are clips of some examples how we have used some iPad Apps in the creative process, mostly for a youth theatre production called "Epiphany".

Taking photos using various Apps and making a photostory using Splice

Clip made using iPad Apps including Manga Me, Puppet Pals HD and imovie. Based on drawings created by participants, clip used in performance projected on screen.

Clip made using PuppetPals HD, one of my personal favourites. In performance, voiceover etc was all presented live.

A little 'how to' clip for a primary school program, the  "I Dream" digital storytelling challenge for young Indigenous students in years 4-7.


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