Pretexts....what are they?

A pre-text can be used as a stimulus or 'launching-pad' for drama.  The term draws on the work of Cecily O'Neill (1995)  Drama Worlds: A Framework for Process Drama. A pre-text can be a poem, an article, an email, a piece of music, an object, a quote.....

… is a source or stimulus that initiates drama/action
… provides an introduction to the work or perhaps the first episode
… suggests roles, tasks, actions
… establishes location, atmosphere, situations
… offers certain possibilities while excluding others and provides built-in constraints
… encourages exploration, transformation.
Some pre-texts will be added to this site over time.  These can be used to stimulate 'cyberdrama' activities and you can create your own wiki, website or blog to document your developing drama.  Stay tuned for more action on this page....
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