• What does it mean to be a creative person in a digital age?
  • How can you support and develop young people's creativity?
  • What role do schools, other networks and communities play in supporting young people's creativity?
  • What does drama look like in a digital age?
  • What are the features of effective drama processes in a digital age?

These are some of the kinds of questions I've been exploring through my research and projects related to this site.  As my work has progressed I've posted some of my writings and materials created as a way of putting some ideas out there for consideration.

If you'd like to share you thoughts at any time, please use the contact page of this site to email me. I'd love to hear from people who wants to share their ideas.



Professional Profile  (with correct referencing for articles and update on publications)

Davis, S (2010) ICTs for Creative Practice in Drama PhD Thesis, QUT: Brisbane

Davis, S (2006)  Cyberdrama and Forms of Youth Engagement Master Thesis, QUT: Brisbane

Some Published Articles

Cyberdrama - Exploring Possibilities

Cyberdrama and Potential for Youth Engagement

Drama, Engagement and Creativity

Cyberdrama - Connecting with our Students through Using Drama and Technology

Going Digital - unit overview and assessment task for year 11 students - written in the format utilised in the Queensland Senior Drama Syllabus 2007.  This is based on The Immortals project (see pre-texts) and was shared at the Drama Queensland State Conference in 2008. 

Contexts, codes and online communications – A case study exploring issues related to using CMCs in a drama education project  E-Journalist, 2009, No 1


Other articles

Real life doesn't happen on a screen (originally titled 'Digital kids prefer 'real' drama' which I think is a more appropriate title!) - published in Education Review, Feb 2012, pp 22-23

A web of opportunity - written by Amy Bradney-George, published in the Sydney Morning Herald "Tech" section, 4 February, 2008.  Amy is from Queensland and rang me in 2007 to discuss the possibilities of online drama

Digital World - written by Gregory Stanton - published in The Weekender, July 3, 2008. This story relates to the Noosa Scrubs project which ran as part of The Noosa Longweekend.



The Cleo Missing story was something that continued to interest me after the completion of the 2005 project.  After somebody suggested to me it was a story that would be great to make into a play for Senior Drama students I rewrote the story for that context.  The attached script is aimed at a year 10-12 audience.  If you are interested in using it or performing it, please email me through the contacts page of this site.

 Cleo Missing Script  Revised Cleo script


Teaching materials

Noosa Scrubs Sample  role profile and preparation

Creating interesting narratives - things to consider

Building a backstory

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