The Secret Society of Shapeshifters

(membership by invitation only)

Shapeshifters live secretly among us.  They have a human form, but various triggers cause them to tranform and shape shift.  Selkies, werewolfs, dryads ... these are but a few of the different shapeshifters that exist.  For some it is something they can manage and control themselves, for others the triggers may be mood or environmentally related.  Read the additional information if you need to. Shapeshifters often band togther to help each other, as often we are rejected by NFs (normal folk).  We have to be careful about who we share our true selves with.  There's only so much we can share.  Are you one of us? Share your information if you so choose.


Shapeshifter investigations

We must be careful.  We know that due to some recent suspicious events there are members of the police force who are investigating us. We had this sent to us from a recent police briefing.

An introductory powerpoint from the Police Investigations Department (powerpoint by Nicole Mobbs)


A cry for help

One of our members has gone missing and we don't know what has happened. 


For those who don't know our missing colleague - I suppose you could call her a selkie 


Images of our missing friend - courtesy of Valentina Nisi

Draft term overview for teachers.



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